Dr. Mariel Meewisse

Marie-Louise (Mariel) Meewisse (1971) is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist working in her own private practice, and at the department for personality disorders and psychotrauma at GGZ Noord-Holland Noord (institute for mental health) where she is responsible for the policy concerning diagnostics and treatment of psychotrauma related disorders.

Mariel is the president of the Dutch Society of Psychotrauma (Nederlandstalige Vereniging voor Psychotrauma; NtVP), and she is certified as Psychotraumatherapist NtVP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist VGCt, and EMDR Practitioner Europe. As a member of a committee Mariel advises the National Police on work-related PTSD. Since 2005 Mariel trains and supervises clinicians in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder nationally and internationally. Previously Mariel worked 10 years as a researcher and psychologist at the departments of psychotrauma, anxiety disorders and early psychosis of the AMC.

Her thesis (PhD) called Sequelae of Traumatic Stress concerned the prevalence and predictors for postdisaster psychopathology. She collaborated closely with researchers on several randomised controlled trails on prevention and treatment of PTSD. It concerned acute, chronic and complex PTSD. She has written several articles for peer-reviewed journals and book chapters, and she regularly writes a column in the medical section of the Dutch national newspaper De Telegraaf.