Indications for BEPP

The BEP-treatment is designed for clients with a post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of a single traumatic event. When someone has experienced multiple traumatic events, clients need to be assessed individually to determine whether BEPP treatment is indicated. To apply BEPP in the case of multiple traumatic experiences, it is important that the onset of PTSD is preceded by one core-traumatic event.

Contra-indications are other serious psychiatric disorders, which make the application of this treatment protocol more difficult, or other disorders for which application of the treatment involves a risk of deterioration of functioning. Severe depressive disorder has priority over the treatment of PTSD, because of the worsening of cognitive functions, and the risk of suicide. In the case of dependence on alcohol or drugs, it depends on whether the abuse is done to suppress intrusions (secondary to PTSD), and whether an agreement can be made with the client to stop the substance abuse during the treatment.

BEPP treatment is not indicated when the person has a primary severe personality disorder. In the case of an acute psychotic disorder or a severe dissociative disorder BEPP can not be applied