Training and supervision in BEPP

Training in BEPP is important prior to the use of the treatment-protocol. The protocol is upon request available in several languages: English, Dutch, German, Georgian, Polish, and Lithuania. The eclectic nature of BEP means that the therapist uses a larger therapeutic arsenal than for other PTSD treatments like CBT and EMDR.

The therapy takes several sessions more than the other evidence-based treatments for PTSD, although the duration per session is shorter (CBT and EMDR usually cover 1.5 hours per session). BEPP differs significantly from CBT and EMDR sessions in the additional sessions devoted to giving meaning to the traumatic event and integration of the event into one’s life. Clients and clinicians value interest in the broader meaning of the traumatic experience. 

Educational Pathways



In order to train as a BEPP therapist, it required to be a trained mental health professional with accreditation from their professional body (e.g. British Psychological Society, HPC, UKCP, BABCP, BACP, IACP, etc). 

Roleplaying during BEPP training in Tbilisi Georgia, October 2013

BEPP training Vilnius Litouwen oktober 2013 rollenspel 5cm.jpgTbilisi oktober 2013 (109)rollenspel5cm.jpgTbilisi oktober 2013 rollenspel5cm.jpg

Training in English

*We provide in-company training around the world. Please contact us for more information contact form.

BEPP training, Vilnius Litouwen, October 2013
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Comments of professionals who participated

Dear prof. Gersons, Thank you very much for the wonderful seminar in Vilnius! It was very interesting and useful to get acquainted with BEPP model. What I like most about this model, that it combines best practices from different paradigms: cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic and existential. Therefore the model looks very realistic and applicable to real life situations that usually are very complex. I think it was very well reflected in the video's that you showed: it looked very realistic. These videos were very helpful -- when I read or think about certain parts of the model, I easily recall situations in the videos. Dr. Paulius Skruibis, Director of programs, Youth Psychological Aid Centre, Lithuania.

Basic training

The basic BEP training consists of a three day course. In the first two contiguous days of training, theory and practice succeed one another, and all the elements of BEPP are practiced in small groups.

Half a year later, the third day of the course follows which deals with the experiences with BEPP in practice, and to get feedback on your video footage of a therapy session.

During this basic training, we recommend that you should follow supervision of one of the BEPP trainers.

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When you have interest in follow-up courses, let us know via the contact form.

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Red Cross BEPP training, Milano, March 2012 Red_Cross_Italy_2web.jpg