Which treatments are available for PTSD?

Several treatments are helpful for PTSD. For guidelines, see National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). Most consist of psychological treatment, but medication may also be helpful. Many people with PTSD already suffer of the symptoms for many months or years, but even then, treatment could help well. The GP may recommend referral to a clinician or therapist, so you will get information about available effective treatments for PTSD, and what might be right for you. So you can decide whether you want treatment, and which treatment you prefer.

Psychological treatment

There are several effective psychological treatments for PTSD. The approach may differ, but the agreement is that all treatments are aimed at the trauma. It is customary that the treatment takes place once a week. Depending on the type of treatment a session lasts 45 minutes to one and a half hours. You are encouraged to think and remind the difficult aspects of the trauma. The aim is to decrease the intensity of your feelings about the reminders. The treatment helps you to diminish your fear and have more positive feelings, behaviour and thoughts.


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